About Us

Burger Institute was created by Michael McShane and Warren Parkes with expert guidance and menu creation from the highly experience and accomplished Head Chef Martin ‘Wal’ Thewlis in October 2016. They all wanted to create a burger restaurant to differentiate from the majority, where the burgers are truly “chef inspired”. Burger restaurants where everything is made in house (not arriving in pre-packaged boxes), where flavour combinations are matched correctly and no shortcuts are made regarding the quality of the locally sourced produce or ingredients! Based on this philosophy, Burger Institute was created. Our philosophy is “Chef Inspired Burger Creations” and they truly are! The flavours in the burgers all harmonise to create a taste sensation. It is important when eating a meal to not just enjoy the flavour but also the texture of your food. We have created a wide variety of different flavours and textures to ensure there is something for everyone. There are 22 burgers on the menu to choose from and rotating Specials to showcase the flare and creativity of our Chefs!

We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, sourced locally and delivered daily.

NO Added Preservatives, NO Added Sugar, NO added Colours or  Artificial Flavours.